20 years of Bender Iberia

Thomas Nuño and his father, Paco, supplied and installed solutions for power generation and airport systems for 26 years, which led to the founding of Bender Iberia in Madrid in 2001. The goal was to establish a Bender presence to supply intelligent electrical safety solutions of the future. This year, Bender celebrates the 20th anniversary of Bender Iberia and the 75th anniversary of the Bender Group.

The ambition of Bender Iberia for the future is to continue to make electrical power safe in Spain as well as to support international business development. 
In 2021, Bender Iberia welcomed additional colleagues to the team. Watch this video as we introduce you to our team!  Don’t miss it! 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hm6pW83_EAQ&t=4s (Don’t forget to activate subtitle!)