Make an Impact in 5 Minutes:

Make an Impact in 5 Minutes:




In Ethiopia many young people find it hard to train and find work that gives them a good quality of living.

So we teamed up with the aid organization SELAM and launched our first social-electrical project: Bender@SELAM.

Our Vision

We want to enable 20 young people in Ethiopia to have an electrical career that will change their lives.

Our Mission

We care, and want to help others improve their futures. Together we can make a difference.

Join us

We want to guarantee the cost of the 3-year training. Because these trainees inspire us so much and are so close to our hearts, we’d like to share this project with you.



Take a Look at the Classroom



And Now to the Impact

The three-year training costs €90,000 for the entire class.

We have already financed the first year of training. Now it’s time for the second and third!

Let’s Tackle It Together and contribute to something truly valuable: The professional future of 20 people. Because as we all know – a professional future is priceless!



Make an Impact!

We will double all donations from Bender employees.


You made it …

Thank you! You have made a big difference in just 5 minutes.

Stay up to date on this project. We will provide regular updates on our LinkedIn page Bender@SELAM.

Any questions? Simply contact our project initiator Anne Katrin Römer:

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Our Project Partner: The Swiss Children’s Aid Association SELAM

The association “Ethiopian Children’s Aid SELAM e.V.”, founded on February 4, 1995, is a humanitarian aid organization that supports and promotes children in need and young people in Ethiopia.

The Selam Children’s Village is a children’s home and training center. Its origins date back to 1985 when Zahai, an orphan himself adopted by the Swiss Röschli family, planned the construction of an orphanage in Addis Ababa and opened it in 1986.