Bender celebrates their 75-year anniversary! With 15 international companies of the Bender Group, 70 international branches and 1090 employees on four continents!

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TechniSat Dresden GmbH

Innovations and development are the foundation of our company. In 2020, we were able to expand this with the acquisition of the TechniSat Dresden development center and expand our development team. The know-how of our colleagues in Dresden supports our growth potential, especially in the areas of networked communication and e-mobility.

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Eetarp Engineering Pte Ltd, Singapore

The company, which has been part of the Bender family since 2019, has been our reliable partner for over 20 years. The combination of Bender as a recognized technology leader with the know-how and technical expertise of Eetarp has activated many synergies for our customers in Southeast Asia.

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ebee Smart Technologies GmbH

Our Berlin branch is home to the inventors of ebee charging stations. In a joint cooperation, state-of-the-art charging technology for electric vehicles is created there: Intelligent, compact and affordable.

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Ready. Go. We Build Future

80 years of ISOMETER®! After much time, the new headquarters in Grunberg is finished. Bender has many reasons to celebrate this year.

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Bender presents POWERSCOUT® – the first web-based software solution for early detection of operating faults in electrical systems.

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Bender presents the new revolutionary ISOMETER® generation iso685.

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Measuring, Switching, Monitoring

ATICS® - Bender launches the first compact switchover module that combines the functions of switching, measuring and monitoring in one device.

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The E-Mobility Market

Bender presents the ISOMETER® product line for electric cars, followed by iso-F1 for the KERS systems of Formula 1.

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The 3rd Generation

After Sabine Bender-Suhr took over the management for Bender in 2000, the 3rd family generation now takes over the majority of the shares.


The BENDER GROUP is created!

The companies Bender, C-PRINT, esb, BENTRON, ISP and ISOTROL, which had been founded and taken over until then, are combined to form the Bender Group.

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Walther Hans Bender

The inventor of the ISOMETER® and founder of the Bender company passes on May 5th

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Now Also Ungrounded.

With the EDS device series, Bender presents the first insulation fault location in ungrounded systems.

Also: ISOMETER IRDH 265, the first insulation monitor with a pulse code measurement method for ungrounded AC and DC systems up to 1000 V.

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Fully Automated Production Facility in Siersleben

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, Bender opens a production facility for printed circuit board assembly in the Mansfeld-Kombinat Eisleben and benefits from the know-how and great commitment of the initially ten East German employees.

The positive development leads to the construction of a new production facility in the industrial area of Siersleben, Saxony-Anhalt, just three years later.

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Foundation esb, Grünberg

In addition to the design and manufacture of general switchgear, customized power supply distribution boards and monitoring panels for hospitals are produced. In 2000, Christian Bender takes over the ownership and has been leading the company until today.

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We’re Going International!

Foundation of Bender Inc., Exton, Pennsylvania (USA). In the following years, the worldwide network is expanded to currently 15 international companies of the Bender Group and 70 branches.

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Generation Change

Dirk Christian Bender takes over the company with 18 employees and builds a production building in the newly developed industrial area in Grünberg.

His vision is to promote his father's idea worldwide so that the company can become the world market leader for electrical safety products.

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A Great Idea That Still Drives Us Today

Together with his wife Kathrin, Walther Hans Bender founds Bender KG in Grünberg, Hesse.

In the converted laundry room, he builds the first ISOMETER® for the Hessian lignite mining industry.

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One Vision

Engineer Walther Hans Bender invents the ISOMETER® and files a patent application for his idea. Walther Bender's vision 80 years ago: Comprehensive protection against the dangers of electric current.